Sunday, September 15  -  Sunday after Exaltation of the Cross

9:30 AM        Parishioners of St. Mary’s


Monday, September 16  -  Euphemia, Great-Martyr

8:30 AM        1st Hour


Tuesday, September 17  -  Sophia ans Others, Martyrs

8:30 AM        3rd Hour


Wednesday, September 18  -  Eumenius, Bishop


Thursday, September 19  -  Trophimus and Others, Martyrs


Friday, September 20  -  Eustace and Others, Martyrs

8:30 AM        Akathist Hymn


Saturday, September 21  -  Saturday after the Exaltation of the Cross

8:30 AM         Divine Liturgy  +Mike and Jerry Sumandra. From Paul Sumandra


Sunday, September 22  -  15th Sunday after Pentecost

9:30 AM        Parishioners of St. Mary’s
Cantor: Steve Petach, Reader: Ken Bozak, Coffee Social: Mike Koman



Please remember the following people in your prayers: Estella Biedenbender, Ken & John Bosak, Julie Carlin, Fletes Family: Alicia, Frankie, Layla, Lupita & Veronica, Victoria Flores, Larry Goodwin, Holly Garlow, Michelle Grana, Virginia Harrington, Jeanne Hart, Michael Hefferon, Rob Hooper, Chris Johnson, Ken Kokason, Patricia Kurczak, Irene Lehman, Elizabeth & John Mallas, Dylan Mancia, Toni Martin, Marg Mauro, Juan Gabriel Martinez, Pedro Medina, Mina family: Mila, Diana, Rev. John & Mike, Shannon O’Neill, Tanya Petach, Casandra Porch, Diane Romano, Paul Saucedo, Kathleen Savko, Robert Stamer, Leanne Steuer, Nancy Sumandra, Mary Washko, Dina & Matthew Wiggins, Karole Woods, Carmen Zambrano, Lana Zimmerman, Patrick Zimmerman, Fr. Chris Zugger and all those who serve in the Armed Forces.


Collection: $2797.00; Church Improvements: $5.00; Holy Day: $500.00; Candles: $70.03; Coffee Social: $0 (Unofficial Welcome)
TOTAL: $3,372.03  / ATTENDANCE  52


  • October 1: Parish Feastday
  • October 6: We will host the RC Archdiocesan Deacon Candidates
  • October 13: Special Collection for Priest Healthcare
  • October 21-26: Eparchial Clergy on Retreat


Our Annual Family Day this year will be held on Sunday, September 29th, the Sunday closest to October 1st, the feast of the Patronage (Protection) of the Theotokos. We will also officially welcome Fr. Michael O’Loughlin as pastor of the Proto-Cathedral of St. Mary. The festivities begin will the celebration of the Divine Liturgy at 10:00 AM, followed by a potluck luncheon in the parish hall. Sign-up sheets can be found in the small hall. The deadline for signing up is Sunday, September 22nd. Once again, Family Day will be a joint venture of the Proto-Cathedral of St. Mary and the Presentation of Mary Romania Catholic Mission.

Pilgrimage to Italy with Father Michael

Father Michael will be chaplain for a pilgrimage to Italy with his friend Leah Darrow. Leah is a well-known Catholic speaker/author/teacher/leader, wife, mother of 5, and former contestant on “America’s Next Top Model”. Flyers for the trip are in the small hall, or you can find more information and register for the trip at www.selectinternationaltours.com/leah-darrow/

Lux U

Ladies, before leaving Denver, Father Michael recorded at class for “Lux U” on the Eastern Catholic Churches. “Lux U is a Coaching and Training Program designed specifically for women who want to go deeper in their faith and are looking for real life application.” You can register for the program at www.theluxu.com. Formation classes will have an associated tuition fee that supports the program, but the upcoming smart phone application will have added components that are free.

“Byzantine Basics”

Our Byzantine Catholic Church has prayers for each of the three persons of the Trinity. It is highly recommended that each of these prayers be committed to memory. This allows easy access to these powerful and beautiful prayers even when we are very anxious or otherwise unable to be eloquent with God.
-To the Father (“Our Father”): Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it tis in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
-To the Son (“Jesus Prayer”): Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.
-To the Holy Spirit (“Heavenly King”): Heavenly King, Comforter, Spirit of Truth, everywhere present and filling all things, treasury of blessings and giver of life; come and dwell within us, cleanse us of all stain, and save our souls O gracious One.ANNUAL VISIT BY ST. NICHOLAS
This year the annual visit will be held on Sunday, December 9th. A pot-luck luncheon will be sponsored by the Proto-Cathedral of St. Mary parish and the Presentation of Mary Romanian Catholic parish. This will follow the Divine Liturgy which will be celebrated at 10:00 AM. Please bring sufficient food for your family and six guests. “St. Nicholas” will visit with all the children 10 years of age or younger, and present them with small gift. Parents make sure that you register your child or children when you sign up for the pot-luck luncheon. The deadline for signing up is Sunday, December 2nd.

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