03 February 2019 – Sunday of Zacchaeus

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Sunday, February 3 – Sunday of Zacchaeus 

9:30 AM          Parishioners of St. Mary’s


Monday, February 4 – Isidore, Venerable

8:30 AM          Liturgical Hour


Tuesday, February 5 - Agatha, Martyr

8:30 AM          +Evie & +Eddy Kasprzycki by M. & R. Rybinski

Wednesday, February 6 – Bucolus, Bishop

Thursday, February 7 – Parthenius, Bishop


Friday, February 8 – Theodore, Great-Martyr

8:30 AM          Liturgical Hour


Saturday, February 9 – Nicephor, Martyr

8:30 AM          +Kathleen Scrase


Sunday, February 10 – Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee 

9:30 AM          Parishioners of St. Mary’s

Cantor: Mike Mina, Reader: Matthew Wiggins, Coffee Social: Helen Stroka & John Michnya

11:00 AM          ECF Classes   



Please remember the following people in your prayers: Estella Biedenbender,  Ken & John Bosak, Jackie Brait, Julie Carlin, Andrea Castaña,  Fletes Family: Alicia, Frankie, Layla & Veronica, Victoria Flores, Holly Garlow,  Michelle Grana, William Harkness, Virginia Harrington, Michael Hefferon,  Rob Hooper, Rev. Ed Jaskula, C.R., Chris Johnson, Patricia Kurczak,  Irene Lehman, Elizabeth & John Mallas, Dylan Mancia, Toni Martin, Marg Mauro, Juan Gabriel Martinez, Pedro Medina, Mina family: Mila, Diana, Rev. John & Mike,  Shannon O’Neill, Sylvia & Ted Pasnak, Tanya Petach,   Diane Romano, Rev. Frank Rog, C.R., John Smith,  Robert Stamer, Leanne Steuer, Nancy Sumandra, Mary Washko, Dina & Matthew Wiggins, Carmen Zambrano, Lana Zimmerman, Patrick Zimmerman, Fr. Chris Zugger and all those who serve in the Armed Forces.



Collection: $1,555.00; Candles: $33.00; Coffee Social: $24.00; Loan Repayment: $1,608.77

TOTAL: $3,220.77 / ATTENDANCE: 48


  • February 10th–16th: The week of the Publican and the Pharisee is free from fasting and abstinence.
  • February 19th, 20th & 21st:  Parish Enhancement Workshops at St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Phoenix, AZ; topics Financial Management, Safe Environment & Evangelization.
  • February 23rd: 1st All Souls Saturday, Divine Liturgy and Panachida will be celebrated at 9:30 AM.



Following the Byzantine Catholic tradition, five Saturdays are set aside for the remembrance of the departed members of our families and of our friends.  In 2019, the first All Souls Saturday is February 23rd.  Using the envelope provided in your packet or on a sheet of paper, please submit the names of those you which to have remembered at the Divine Liturgy on these five Saturdays.  Only write the first names of the individuals to be commemorated; if the list of names is the same as last year, simply write “same as last year,” or write “add the following name (s) to my list.”  Return your requests to the parish office by mail or by placing them in the collection basket.  Deadline for returns is Sunday, February 17th.



The Eparchial Appeal (formally Bishop’s Appeal) begins in January.  The pledge form and information for the appeal will be sent directly from the Bishop’s office.  Again this year, we are requested to send our pledges directly to the Bishop’s office in Phoenix, AZ, and our checks are to be made out to the Eparchy of Phoenix, write “Eparchial Appeal 2019” in the memo.

Our parish goal this year is $15,177.61.  Please support the Annual Appeal to the best of your financial ability.  BUT, PLEASE SUPPORT IT!



Zacchaeus was a publican, a tax collector for the Romans.  Upon acceptance of this position, he would have had to swear an oath of fidelity to the emperor, and bring pagan sacrifices.  By collecting Roman taxes, he also pursued his own greedy goals.  Thus, he betrayed his fellow Jews and his God.   News reached Zacchaeus that the “Messiah” had come and was preaching in the area of Jericho.  For Zacchaeus, the coming of the Messiah would be a catastrophe.  The Messiah comes as a righteous one, bringing salvation as a meek one (ZECH 9: 9).  For Zacchaeus, the coming of the Messiah would bring great shame, loss of wealth, acquired through his treachery of God and of Israel.


Yet, Zacchaeus wanted to see this Messiah [Jesus].  He wanted a glimpse of him whom the prophets foretold.  But, being short and unable to see above the crowd, he climbed a tree to get a better view.  As Jesus passed, the eye of the great sinner met the eyes of the Holy One of Israel, Christ the Messiah who said: “Zacchaeus, make haste and come down, for today I must abide in at your house (LK 19: 5).”  And with that being said and done, moral rebirth, salvation and renewal came to Zacchaeus and his entire house.


May we, who have betrayed Christ through our sins, heed his invitation to rebirth and to salvation, and reform our lives as did Zacchaeus.


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