17 December 2017 – Sunday of The Forefathers

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Sunday, December 17 – Sunday of the Forefathers

9:30 AM          Parishioners of St. Mary’s

11:00 AM          ECF Classes


Monday, December 18 – Sebastian and Others, Martyrs

8:30 AM          Liturgical Hour


Tuesday, December 19 – Boniface, Martyr

8:30 AM          Emmanuel Moleben


Wednesday, December 20 – Ignatius, Bishop-Martyr     

Day of simple abstinence recommended


Thursday, December 21 – Juliana, Martyr


Friday, December 22 – Anastasia, Great Martyr             

Day of simple abstinence / 8:30 AM – Royal Hours


Saturday, December 23 -Ten Holy Martyrs of Crete / Saturday before Christmas            

8:30 AM          Deceased members of the C.R.


Sunday, December 24 – Sunday of The Ancestors / Sunday before Christmas

9:30 AM          Parishioners of St. Mary’s

Cantor: Mike Mina, Reader: Ken Bosak,  Coffee Social: Nancy Sumandra & Peter Mugar


Sunday, December 24               Vigil of the Nativity of our Lord, Jesus Christ

 7:30 PM      Vespers and Divine Liturgy of St. Basil

Intention of the Congregation of the Resurrection



Please remember the following people in your prayers: Deacon Craig Anderson, Estella Biedenbender,  Ken & John, Julie Carlin, Andrea Castañeda, Christine Di Nubila, Fletes Family: Alicia, Frankie, Layla & Veronica, Victoria Flores, Rev. Marcus Gamori,  Aurora Garcia,  Michelle Grana, Virginia Harrington, Michael Hefferon, Debbie Hoff, Rob Hooper,  Rev. Ed Jaskula, C.R., Chris Johnson, Patricia Kurczak, Bishop Robert Kurtz, C.R., Irene Lehman, Elizabeth & John Mallas, Dylan Mancia, Toni Martin, Marg Mauro, Juan Gabriel Martinez, Pedro Medina, Mina family: Mila, Diana, Rev. John & Mike,  Shannon O’Neill, Sylvia & Ted Pasnak, Tanya Petach, Suzanne Reinhart,  Diane Romano, Rev. Frank Rog, C.R., Leanne Steuer, Nancy Sumandra, Rev. Francis Vivona, Mary Washko, Dina & Matthew Wiggins, Carmen Zambrano, Lana Zimmerman, Patrick Zimmerman, Fr. Chris Zugger, Henry Zugger, all those who serve in the Armed Forces.


Collection: $1,765.00; Candles: $74.95; Coffee Social: $22.00; Church Improvement: $100.00; Holy Day: $70.00; Flowers: $55.00; Christmas: $55.00; Religious Retirement: $1,731.00; Property Rent: $425.00

TOTAL: $4,297.95 / ATTENDANCE – 84



  • Check the Christmas/Theophany Schedule for 2017/2018 on the bulletin boards and website



This week Stephanie and Nick Sumandra receive the Icon into their home for a week of prayer.  Next Sunday, December 24th, Peter Mugar will receive the Icon.  Volunteers to pray for vocations are still needed, sign-up sheet is located in the church foyer.



A religious sister writes: “When we see the generous response of so many thousands of persons in order to help us, religious men and women, we are left speechless.”  Senior brothers, sisters and religious order priests cross the country send heartfelt thanks and prayers for your donation to last week’s Retirement Fund for Religious collection.  [Our parish has collected, to date, $2,966.00 for the Retirement Fund for Religious.]



John Robert Poinsett, who was an amateur botanist and the first United States ambassador to Mexico, first introduced poinsettias to the U.S. in 1825.  He introduced the plant when he brought some cuttings to his plantation in Greenwood, South Carolina.


December 12th is National Poinsettia Day.  An official day set aside to enjoy this symbol of holiday cheer.  It was established upon the death of Mr. Poinsett to honor him and the plant that he made famous. He died in 1851.


Poinsettias are native to Mexico, where they grow wild.  The enchanting legend of the poinsettia dates back several centuries, to a Christmas Eve in Mexico when a little girl named Pepita had no gift to present to the Christ child.  Her cousin, Pedro, urged her to give a humble gift.  So, on her way to church she gathered some weeds that she found along the road.  As she approached the altar, a miracle happened.  The weeds blossomed into beautiful flowers.  Then they were called Flores de Noche Buena – Flowers of the Holy Night.  Now simply called Poinsettias.

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