2 July 2017 Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

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Sunday, July 2 -  Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

9:30 AM           Parishioners of St. Mary’s


Monday, July 3  -  Hyacinth, Martyr

11:00 AM          +Norma Madrigali


Tuesday, July 4  -  Andrew of Jerusalem, Archbishop  /  Independence Day

8:30 AM           Liturgical Hour


Wednesday, July 5  -  Athanasius of Mount Athos, Venerable


Thursday, July 6  -  Sisoes the Great, Venerable


Friday, July 7 -  Thomas and Acacius, Venerables

8:30 AM           Liturgical Hour


Saturday, July 8  -  Procopius, Great Martyr

8:30 AM           Intention of Fr. Melvin Rybarczyk, C.R.


Sunday, July 9  -  Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

9:30 AM           Parishioners of St. Mary’s

Cantor, Matthew Wiggins; Reader, Mike Mina; Coffee Social, O’Neill Family



Please remember the following people in your prayers: Estella Biedenbender, Ken & John Bosak, Julie Carlin, Christine Di Nubila, Fletes Family: Alicia, Frankie, Layla & Veronica, Victoria Flores, Aurora Garcia, Michelle Grana, Virginia Harrington, Marilyn Hawse, Michael Hefferon, Rev. Gregory Helminski, C.R., Rob Hooper, Frank Horey, Rev. Ed Jaskula, C.R., Chris Johnson, J.J. Leonard, Mary Kukowski, Patricia Kurczak, Irene Lehman, Elizabeth & John Mallas, Dylan Mancia, Marg Mauro, Juan Gabriel Martinez, Diane McDonald, Heather & Zach McGowan, Pedro Medina, Mina family: Mila, Diana, Rev. John & Mike, Shannon O’Neill, Sylvia & Ted Pasnak, Suzanne Reinhart, Nicholas Rodriguez, Diane Romano, Rev. Frank Rog, C.R., Leanne Steuer, Nancy Sumandra, Mary Washko, Dina & Matthew Wiggins, Vidal Zambrano, Lana Zimmerman, Fr. Chris Zugger, Henry Zugger, all those who serve in the Armed Forces.



Collection: $1,435.00; Candles: $29.00; Coffee Social: $15.00; Holy Day: $40.00; Peter’s Pence: $1,288.00; Property Rent: $425.00

 TOTAL: $3,232.00      ATTENDANCE: 40



  • July – August: Theosis inserts will not be found in the weekly bulletin during these months as the publisher, Eastern Christian Bulletin Service, has decide not to print them.
  • July 23: The blessing of vehicles, in honor of the holy prophet Elijah, ill take place after the Divine Liturgy.
  • August 18 – 20: Eighteenth Annual Pilgrimage in honor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Olympia, Washington. The shrine is located on the grounds of St. George’s Byzantine Catholic Church. For details and amenities offered, brochures are available in the small hall. This would be an ideal destination for your summer holiday.



“God will not send anyone to hell for eternity,” some people say. The sentiment is not a bad one, expressing as it does a great faith in God’s goodness. On the other hand, you may hear someone talking about doing some good deed or saying certain prayers in order to earn or merit a higher place in heaven. The idea reflects the sentiment that God will reward efforts of goodness.


In a simple, but extremely important sentence in this Sunday’s Apostolic reading, Romans 6: 18-23, St. Paul gives a view different from both of the above ideas. He states that “the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord (verse 23).” We need to pay close attention to the words Paul uses.


The death of which he speaks is eternal separation from God, what we would call hell. He says that this death is the wages of sin. A wage is something which one earns by their own efforts. With the use of the word “wage,” St .Paul is indicating that hell is not something that God imposes on a sinner, but something which the sinner has earned and deserves. Hell is a matter of justice.


On the other hand, St. Paul is very careful not to suggest that the “wages” of goodness is eternal life. Rather, he proclaims that eternal life is the gift of God. In contrast to wages, a gift is something which is freely given, something which is not earned. No justice is involved in a gift, only love. The truth is that there is absolutely nothing we can do by our unaided efforts to earn heaven. It is beyond all human powers. It is God’s gift.


As people of faith and goodness, we are called to give thanks and praise to God for his gifts and in particular for the gift of heaven, eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. We truly have a Father in haven who loves us!


“It is better to be criticized by a wise person than to be praised by a fool.”

Ecclesiastes 7: 5


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