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Welcome to the Proto-Cathedral of Saint Mary Byzantine Catholic Church in Sherman Oaks, CA. If you live in Sherman Oaks or the surrounding areas, or just happen to be visiting, we invite you to join us for Divine Liturgy. Sunday Divine Liturgy: 9:30 AM

Holy Day Vigil: Liturgy 7:30 PM

Holy Day Liturgy: 8:30 AM

Weekdays: 8:30AM

Check Weekly Bulletin for Schedule.

The Proto-Cathedral of St. Mary is proud to release its second re-mastered recording of the St. Mary Choir.

 Old Favorites from the Carpathian Mountains

 The CD features music from the Carpathian region, as well as Slovakia, Ukraine, and Russia sung by the then, and still famous St Mary’s Choir, directed by Prof. Michael Bodnar, assisted by Rita Parven.

Copies of this CD, Old Favorites, can be purchased through the Parish for $14.95 each, with free shipping. Copies of our first CD, Christmas and Easter, are also available for $14.95, each with free shipping.  ‘Click here for order form.

Driving Directions to the Proto-Cathedral of Saint Mary Byzantine Catholic Church in Sherman Oaks, CA.

How to view live-streams liturgies:

We will be livestreaming many services that being prayed privately in the church.

For now, we will use Facebook.  If you are on Facebook our parish page is called:

“Byzantine Catholic Proto-Cathedral of St. Mary” or you can search for


If you are not on Facebook, you can go to facebook.com/protocathedralso and

watch online.  It will try to get you to log into Facebook, but if you click “not now”

it will let you watch the livestream with a less annoying prompt banner at the

bottom of the page.

New COVID-19 Guidelines from Bishop Olmsted
Bishop Olmsted has issued new guidelines effective immediately. His letter, and the complete parish guidelines, can be found in the entrance to the church and in the parish email. As you see, he is asking us to follow civil guidelines, and as you know, the city/county of LA is not yet allowing for public gatherings. California’s movement into “Stage 2” though, does begin the process of participation in what they call “non-essential” activities, so St. Mary’s will be making the Eucharist and church building available to parishioners on Sundays/Feasts. Please observe the following guidelines:

The faithful are dispensed from the obligation to attend Divine Liturgy on Sundays and Holy Days until May 31, 2020.

The Divine Liturgy will continue to be celebrated without parishioners in the church on Sundays and Holy Days.

When the Divine Liturgy is over, Father Michael will bring the Eucharist to the outdoor shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Please remain in your vehicles and make a line beginning at the entrance to the shrine from the parking lot and curving around near the big hall then towards the south entrance to the property. (If you don’t arrive by vehicle, please wait in the shrine, keeping 6 ft. from other communicants, and you will receive first). When you pull up to the entrance of the shrine, park your car, and approach, one at a time, to receive Our Lord at the shrine. Please return to your vehicle and move it quickly so the next communicant can approach. The Eucharistic spoons will be cleaned and disinfected before they are used, and a new spoon will be used if one touches a communicant.

The church will be empty and locked during the liturgy (following civil guidelines) but will be open for personal and private prayer after everyone has received the Eucharist. The door leading into the narthex (east side of the church) will remain open wide so you don’t need to touch it. The restrooms will be open and cleaned, along with the whole church, every week before the Sunday liturgy. Please strictly observe social distancing (6 ft. separation) while on the property. The church will be empty and locked again for the Romanian Divine Liturgy.